Welcome to APPAREL GROUP Ltd.

APPAREL GROUP is one of the most innovative companies within the European apparel industry sector. Based in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, we are producing mostly for clients in the European Union.

We are a young company, concentrating on high quality textile products for our customers. Our team has years of experience in the apparel industry and have in dept knowledge of the market.

APPAREL GROUP is using his own production capacities as well as production facilities of partner companies. This synergy, along with a good infrastructure, stress on quality, adherence to strict and timely delivery and a team of experienced personnel is what defines us and makes us so competitive.


APPAREL GROUP is a one-stop solution for all your textile and garments needs (without knitwear). The Company has a wide array of products and offerings in the textile and garments area.


APPAREL GROUP is mainly producing in four facilities in Bulgaria with total personnel of over 500 workers. With this capacity, we are concentrating on bigger production orders.